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#24592 - Canella and John were both building to monstrous orgasms Canella was floating she'd never felt this good or cum this many times omg! She was about to cum again! Oh god! It was huge, plus John's cock was starting to swell! Canella screamed out her most intense orgasm just as John began to blast his cum as deep in her as he could, it's so hot Canella thought, the sheer pleasure overloading her senses. I am afraid though that with your limited strategy he has a slight advantage over you, your destruction could almost be guaranteed also. His wife and daughter were barely out the door when Elly almost ran up the stairs to John, kissing him squarely on the lips she whispered in his ear, I have been waiting all year for this, like Ava had Millie not gotten you I would have fought all my sisters for you.

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Takayuki furuichi
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