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#284695 - Chapter Two Kate and Catherine Like I said before my lust for this woman is almost as intense as it is for my wife Kate , and this perverse display of Catherine naked and helpless with black hands all over her has easily taken over my senses. The first full squirt misses landing on her chest and little breasts as I again push it down as the second third and fourth hit the thin fabric covering her face and head, most hits its mark! She jerks slightly and the outline of her nose lips and chin have easily brought out the mask like shape of her facial features do to the cum soaked hood! As she breathes in, the wet fabric, covering her head sucks in around her nostrils! Her head is hanging down and I place my cock on the wet material at the indent and outline of her lips! No words are spoken I can feel her lips open as all of the black brothers are still watching! She tries her best to suck the tip of my cock head down into her mouth.

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