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#96948 - I sat down on the sofa in front of the telly and picked up the remote, I wanted this orgasm to wait, and it took all my self control not to rip off my top and my jean shorts and finger myself to nirvana. I shuddered, and pulled him away, telling him I would deal with him soon. But the results of that decision were coming home to roost, three weeks without getting laid, three weeks with only my fingers to cool me off, and that was only when I knew I could get away with it, when I knew that mom or Dad or one of the twins wasn’t going to burst into my room to tell me about chores or take our Dalmatian, Billy for a walk, or something else I didn’t care about.

Read Mamando NEO-QUEENDOM Vol. 8 Bush NEO-QUEENDOM Vol. 8

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