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#157363 - Grogan wanted to see you as soon as you got in!!! Okay, thanks, Ellyn replied over her shoulder as she made her way to Dick Grogan's large corner office over looking Lake Michigan, nice going, girl, Mike Walters yelled out as she passed by his open door!!! An eleven million dollar verdict, the third largest in the history of the firm, she had a right to feel proud, but it had been a long six months from depositions to the final verdict in the district court, and all she wanted to do now was take a three month vacation somewhere on a sandy beach a million mile away from the phone!!! Dick Grogan's secretary, Marcia met her with a big smile and a boquet of yellow roses while saying, He's waiting for you, go right on in!!! Dick Grogan nearly leaped out of his chair behind his gigantic mahogony desk, and with his hand extended he announced, Congratulations are certainly in order, Ellyn, what are you trying to do, take over this office of mine!?! Of course, not, she

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Tamao tamamura
Sheesh you see them legs when she first steps in lawdy
Minawa andou
I love big curvy threesome
Claudine saijo
Nice cock and nice tits