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#418461 - “So what do you want to do now? stay here for a few drinks of go back to my place and shaft me silly” she asked ,”let’s do the shafting” I answered, and so it was that we made it into the car park and into her MX-5 sports car, top of the range it looked to a untrained eye such as mine, my own car being a rather beat up 8 year old passat I knew very little about cars such as this, “daddy gave me it for my birthday, do you like it”? in a effort to try and change the subject I replied that I liked her more than the car, a reply that seemed to please her, she leaned into me and kissed me passionately whilst running her hand over the outline of my cock through my jeans in return I slipped my hand under her dress and between her thighs where it met no resistance in fact she opened her legs and raised her buttocks to allow complete access , my fingers delved passed her panties and into her hot wet hole, first one finger then a second wormed their way into her pussy and I began to work her to

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Katanna is the only hottie the rest are pretty disgusting