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#161895 - Owning his own company, Dan was always on the lookout for new business, and if he could make a sale to the Fortunes, he had a great shot a picking up other homes in the area! He pulled in the driveway, and before he had even turned off the engine, Mrs. Miranda was still on the phone, but she hung up just as he was putting his tools away and asked, All finished!?! Yep, he replied, I think we've got you covered!!! Back in the truck, Dan tuned on a video monitor and waited a few seconds for it to warm up, when the picture came into focus, there was a perfect view of Miranda Fortune's bed!!! Dan started the van, pulled away from the Fortune house and said out loud, This is gonna be better than HBO!!! That evening at dinner Dan said to his wife Beth, I've got a surprise for you tonight!!! Right away Beth's dark eyes flashed in recognition and she asked excitedly, Is it anyone I've seen before!?! Shaking his head from side to side Dan replied, Nope, br

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