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#8962 - NOW OPEN YOUR MOUTH BITCH, i say as i slap her on her cheek with my rock hard cock, Reluctantly she opens, and i thrust my cock in her mouth, she is gagging, i don't care, I'm busy fucking her as deeps as i can go, i can see she can breathe, but its fine, she can just hold her breath for a bit, just before she`s about to pass out, i pull out my cock from her throat, and let her get some air, but not much before i thrust my cock back in her mouth and throat. the pain and shock from the spatula hitting her most sensitive part makes her buck against her restraints, as she is mumbling curses and crying behind her gag, i can see the tears flowing from her eyes, such a magnificent sight. instead of whipping her breasts i let the belt fly through the air right towards her pussy, the terror on her face was clear as day to anybody that would be looking, and i know that a lot of people would watch this recording of her.

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