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#68136 - a longest 4 lanes wide road including a turning lane open median that goes for a mile and a half People don't drive on it usually there's races all the time  cops don't try to stop it cause it's 20 feet off the highway nothin but dirt separating them so there's no use trying they just ask we do it safely  As we do hasn't been a serious crash in a year    And even then there were no injuries and the cars were both totaled but salvageable  We only went there to see how fast we could get 172 is  how fast I got to my friend pulled 185 in his pops drag/street maro This time I went all out 179 is all I could muster  it needs bigger heads and a ford racing exhaust I'd have around 800 horses how do you afford these things babe I work save and save and so on I'll get everything I want done to it and mom and dad help me out especially pop  he loves this car and him makin 90 thou a year and mom owning 4 mc donalds around here we

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