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#208950 - Aditi knew that rohan was going to propose her and even she liked him so she had a yes for him and she leaned forward and they kissed it was aditi's first ever kiss. Rohan slid her saree pallu down and then removing her blouse open Aditi was in a front of him in her bra what a beautiful sight it was Rohan thought he placed a kiss on her boobs and unhooked her bra and threw it around he dug his mouth on her luscious breasts and started sucking them Aditi was enjoying it she moaned and let out a sigh Rohan took his hand cupped her other boob and started pinching and pressing it Aditi was enjoying it she started to rub her crotch against his leg now Rohan started to suck her harder and biting her nipples Aditi was losing it she started to breath heavily she was going to cum sensing this rohan went up to her and kissed her stuning aditi and landing his tongue her mouth he cupped both her boobs and started pinching them harder with every go he then slid right hand to her crotch which

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