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#357398 - Moments later it was our turn pay our way into pool which was at discount rate due we were with Diana birthday day party. She draw her head in closer towards to us and said in Stern tone of voice “ You two had best not been doing what I though I saw you two doing earlier in pool ( her face was starting to turn bright red) Please tell me you two weren’t doing what I though I saw you doing ?” I turned my head towards Diana and just smile and I said to her in a defiant tone of voice “Well Diana it all depends on what you’re referring to ( both Jackie and myself were trying our hardest not to laugh )and I will tell you whether we were or not” Diana nearly lost it and used her finger poked me in chest as snap back at us in very demanding tone of voice “ Don’t you fucking be ignorant with Scott (quickly wag her pointed finger at both us )both of you know EXACTLY what fuck I’m talking about ? I cut her off middle sentence and told her in very defiant tone of voice “ No Diana we don’t know w

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