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#328956 - I pulled a blanket out of a backpack, spread it on the trail right there and pulled him down on it and our lips and tongues met in a furious firestorm of pure passion , I pushed him on his back and grabbed his feet and rolled him back throwing his knees over his shoulders, Tommy’s eyes rolled back into his head and he was pinching both his nipples, screaming at me not to stop . We would walk for hours into the woods and forest happily enjoying the sights and sounds of nature, we would always talk about which girls we liked and who we wanted to date and get to know, Tommy was a very good looking boy who all the girls loved and I always thought to myself if I was a girl I would be all over him , I thought he had an incredible body and was always kinda attracted to him, I always fantasized about Tommy sexually and wondered to myself what it would be like to be with him. Tommy said that he had some sun block in his back pack so we should take time out and apply to each other, We took

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