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#19254 - I stayed hard enough to remain locked within her, returned both hands to her breasts, and with genuine love for her, kissed her back and neck and cheek; then I used one hand to gently wipe away the tears and we remained snuggled like this as we both calmed down and drifted through a world of softness to sleep. “This is the coolest room for an afternoon nap, hope you don’t mind sharing…” her words trailed off, a slight lift to her eyebrows making the question into an invitation. She softly wrapped her hand around the expanding girth of my prick, stretched it and exclaimed “Oh, so big, so beautiful! I have never had one as good as this, never felt like this in my life before!” She slid her body down, then sat up and raised her leg over my groin, putting both hands on my prick, holding it while she lowered her pussy straight down its length in one juicy moment, as she was already cumming it seemed.

Read Piercings Onegai Yuri Sensei - Please Miss Yuri. Titty Fuck Onegai Yuri Sensei - Please Miss Yuri.

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