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#260880 - ok we started to kiss passionately as our tongues meet his entering my mouth and mine entering his then he slowly started to kiss my neck so gently so my mind was at ease then i felt his fangs scratch my neck so I prepared myself then i felt his fangs go deep in my skin and the pain took hold i let out a silent scream and slowly faded to black when i awoke the next morning i thought i must have been a dream so i went to the bathroom and peed then i looked in the mirror and i felt my neck then i seen 2 little puncture holes and said to myself it was real it did happen and all of a sudden i felt the baby in my belly move i said to myself god i hope it happens again then i had a craving a craving for blood i thought to myself shit i need some blood then a idea came to me im going to sneak into my brothers room and drink from him so i went to his door and silently opened it he was still sleeping and it was 7:30 in the morning i crept up to him and i felt my

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Elcia harvence
Damn good
Haruhiko beppu
Queria uma mina assim q curtisse filmar e dar gostoso assim