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#122554 - Last night in my dreams I sat in my music room listening to some records, as the first of the three records on the turntable were half way through I saw the signal light in the far corner blink twice, I rose and went to the door, there you were, standing in the same clothes and hat you are wearing now. When I had drank all of the nectar that you had to offer we laid side by side, kissing and caressing softly as passion once more rose in your body, I began to finger the petals and bud of you flower with one hand while the other caress the nipples of one breast and my tongue played with the other, it was shortly after this that I suddenly realized that the power in my body was about to burst free. Up and down, side to side, round and round, faster and faster our body moves, always in perfect rhythm as if we kept time to some unnatural melodies, our sounds of pleasure increased until it fill the room, teeth and nails tore at flesh, legs and arms held tightly to the body that they

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