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#344121 - The one room where the hotel gave to him exclusively and cunt twitched in excitement for the night ahead… Hey thanks for reading, sorry about the long intro I plan on writing more about Ella and her life, and how she lost her virginity, how she got into this kind of work, and of course more adventures for Ella and room 256. She then took a hot shower scrubbing her body and lathering shampoo onto her bright, sun-gold, hair; she made sure that her breasts were clean, despite being small 34B’s they her still something to stare at, her pussy matched her heads golden curls, but unlike her head she ensured it was smooth by getting weekly bikini waxes. She left for Victoria’s Secret first the humid California air, caused her hair to gradually curl into soft ringlets as they bounced with each step in her matching cherry red heels.

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