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#378293 - Thanks for taking the time to read.   I sat and watched television for a while waiting for Jay and Sam to arrive which they did shortly after four, now I was excited to see my daughter after all I still loved her despite the fact that I was having an affair with her husband, Hi mom Sam shouted has she entered the front door Samantha baby how are you I replied she rushed into the living room and gave me a hug and kiss, followed by Jay who flashed me his sexiest smile, I wanted him so bad but we both managed to act normally around Sam.   I removed my stockings that I still wore from last night and put on my sexiest nightie and made my way downstairs, I heard the music coming from the kitchen before I even entered, has I walked in I was greeted by the welcomed sight of my lover just dressed in jeans with no top cooking me breakfast, I walked over to him and rubbed my hand down his naked back good morning my darling lover I said to him planting a kiss on his neck has I did so, he

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