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#363567 - About 75 mins later ,I came back upstairs to find them both awake, and cursing me under their taped up mouths. And just in case you decide to have me killed off, as soon as I die three parcels will leave my estate ,they are addressed to the VAT MAN, POLICE & The Tabloid Press, so I would suggest to you both comply with my fantasys desires etc and all will be ok. They looked at me and said you cannot stop us from telling the police etc about you, Ahah now thats where your wrong, Jane has been screwing not only other men but the VAT man of much money and she has also been pinching cash from her husbands late fathers estate, and I know like me she would also go to prison, and you Rosie have been laundering cash for the local drug baron, and Jane has been putting your cash through her accountancy business ,so I don,t think either of you is going to blow the whistle,as we would all wind up not only in prison,but you two would loose everything including your children.

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