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#95573 - Next I had Candy lie on the bed, and used hog rings and handcuffs to tie her legs and arms behind her back, next I got out the spreader bar that restrained the feet, legs, hands and arms, I put Raven in that doggie style, then I got out a couple of ball gags, and nipple clamps, I turned Candy over on her back, took Raven's ball gag out and put in a device that let her use her tongue, removed Candy's blindfold positioned Raven right between her thighs, then I got Raven wet again as she was licking my Daughter, then I positioned myself behind Raven, entered her slowly it took 30 minutes to fully get my entire length inside her pussy, because I had to break her hymen, she bled a little bit, then I started fucking her, hearing her moan, and scream everytime I stroked in her pussy, soon I started building to my climax, Raven was calling me Daddy, which really turned me on, and soon I sot my cum deep inside her pussy. But sometimes I dress them slutty then it is a short short dr

Read Mamada Rhapsody in Blue 2 - Toward the terra Fuck Rhapsody in Blue 2

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Hallo guys wish you wonderful weekend i love this hentai so much hope you will like it too
Shouta magatsuchi
Did he just said black like myself and then the camera zooms into his face
Who is the mom