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#264695 - Toni said that was a nice surprise. Finally the evening arrives Toni is dressed in a micro mini skirt very tight you could tell there was nothing on underneath no lines very smooth just nylons and a garter no panty line at all very high heels she looked fantastic when we arrived Joe saw us or should I say Toni immediately met us at the hostess stand we went to the table in the back and sat he kept telling Toni how great she looked so Toni moved closer and took his hand and slid it up her skirt where he found her bare wet pussy he played with it even while the waitress took our drink orders after the waitress left Toni un zipped his pants and pulled out his big mushroom head cock then slid down and started sucking him true to form MR Quick draw he was coming in seconds even before the drinks got to the table . Toni says OK boys get naked I don’t need names just your cocks, in record time they were naked and hovering around Toni.

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