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#72322 - I whispered, “Love you!” To which my wife answered, “You will in another minute! I want to get mine early today before you give it all away!” Halfway through our love making with my wife on top and me playing with her swinging breasts Mandy opened her eyes and asked, “Don’t you two ever get enough sex?” To which my wife answered, “No! Do you?” Mandy smiled and said, “I sure did yesterday! That’s for sure! Up until then I couldn’t get enough either!” My wife asked, “Are you ready to go to work yet?” Mandy answered, “Yes! I think so!” My wife said, “Okay then! Go pee first then wake Tommy up with a blowjob but let him cum in your ass!” Mandy smiled and said, “Okay! That sounds like fun!” My wife then said, “Be sure to take care of your other two brothers too! Double up! Put one in your mouth and one in your pussy at the same time!” Once Mandy was gone my wife kissed me very passionately and continued to ride me cock as she said, “I love having Mandy openly s

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