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#136609 - Jill had had her share of orgasms, usually self induced, but her young body was like a sexual race car, capable of so much more than a normal woman, and it was very apparent that this little bitch was becoming addicted to the feel of shattering climaxes in her high strung pussy, so she was a little surprised when she felt a huge cock entering her cunt and this time she accepted it with ardor! She found out later that it was Duke who was fucking her in front of the entire clan, his big cock plowing in and out of her now wide open vagina. What Jill had experienced earlier that day in the tent occurred again in front of forty spectators, as she had a huge orgasm, this time harder than the one before!!! She screamed in ecstasy while the three biker bitches had their way with her, sucking her ripe young vagina until her little clit was sticking out erect through her light blonde pubic hair. The three naked women held Jill down, with her ass high in the air while Duke pulled out the red ho

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