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#45885 - Kieran was in such a state of ecstasy he asked me would I be his girlfriend ( I think he meant fuck partner) he wanted to fuck me day and night, I was pleased Kieran’s cock stayed hard throughout our fuck session, like myself Kieran didn’t want our fuck session to end. I usually met David on occasions, our conversations were always brief, David lived with his parents after his divorce, his mother doted on him, I think it was one of the reasons Lucy divorced him, a number of years later he re-married a woman called Margaret a woman in her mature years. I was totally intrigued for the reason why David decided to call upon me, of course David was quite tipsy, I offered him an alcoholic drink, he choose whiskey so I poured him quite a large measure, we made small talk but his eyes were fixated on my crotch area.

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Road kamelot
Hot looking slut but not too energetic though bit of a dead fish
Kou ichijo
What hostel is this
Noriko nishikawa
Why you claim to have depression when you have so much sex