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#371842 - Hughes to appear. Nurse Ames expertly worked the machine over and around Laura's bulging clit, inducing at least three more orgasms from the young woman's vagina! When they were all through, Nurse Ames filled in the rest of Laura's chart and remarked, Seven orgasms today, dear, I hope that will keep you for another two weeks!!! After dressing, Laura stopped at Miss Perkins desk to make another appointment. My oh my, she said softly, you have an absolutely huge clitoris, no wonder you need so many treatments!!! The first touch of the little ball caused Laura's whole body to tense up, and she involuntaril?y cupped her breasts through her blouse.

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Garnet til alexandros xvii
Not bad for 16 mins hell yeah all i need is 10 baby 2 mins of pumping and 8 mins of crying
Yuuko kanoe
Who needs a toilet when u got her for a urinal