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#311255 - And pray tell me, Duclos, the Duc went on, did that man ever tell you he had some comrade who shared his taste? Why, indeed, he did tell me so, said the amiable Duclos, entering into the joke with a merry laugh and descending from her platform, for her day's stint was over; Yes, Sire, he told me he had a quantity of comrades, but that not all of them would allow themselves to be mounted. And retiring to the distant boudoir with Augustine, Zélamir, Cupidon, Duclos, Desgranges, and Hercule, he was heard, a minute later, to utter ringing cries and oaths which proved the Duc had finally managed to calm his brain and soothe his balls. I don't know - there are so many things I'd like.

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