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#89019 - I thought it was a wise idea, I went to get a stool to stand on since we did not have a ladder, Alex told that he would do the fans and I would do the walls and lights, so it was his turn first he stood on the stool and I had to hold him ,he started cleaning the fans and he used to keep looking down many times , why would not he , It gave him a clear top view of my boobs, I was wearing a v-neck t shirt and ya it was quite obvious that he started having a hard on , I could clearly notice it ,so I thought to myself why don’t I have some funn with this young boy and as if he would take the initiative to fuck me, so I thought let me play with him and so I left the stool and went aside telling him ill get some water, he said no no plz don’t go hold the stool or else I would fall down ( I knew he’d say that ) I just wanted to move my fingers on him , so instead of holding the stool now I held on to his legs just below his butt and squeezed my boobs towards him and told him in a funny way tha

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