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#308727 - Now with everything set up for our encounter we hung up and waited for our date. I let her catch her breath my cock still deep inside her then rolled her over and started slowly fucking her rocking back and forth pulling almost all the way out and slowly as deep as I could it was driving her sensitive pussy wild she was moaning so loud asking if I really wanted to see her fuck him, did I want to see her white cream dripping down his shaft, hear her moan on a strangers cock??? I let her talk then I said you know you want to do this you like being my whore, you are my whore and you do what I tell you too, Right? She said I am your, I like to be a bad girl for you, I will do anything for you. it slanted and curved up and had a huge helmet head which got Toni excited, she said she never seen one like that before .

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Nobunaga oda
She is so hot and sexy