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#228185 - He reached into a drawer and lay four or five bras on his desk, and then ordered, Monica, I think you need a new bra, there are some nice ones in the dressing room up here, please come and try them on! Monica was a short blonde with a huge chest that seemed to dominate her body, and for the last two years Tom had always wondered what her boobs looked like, well now he was about to find out!!! Monica slid her sweater over her head, and Tom gasped when he saw the massive mammaries jiggling in the black lace bra just a few feet from him! Calmly, Monica reached around her back and undid the clasps, which allowed her huge tits to fall freely into the air!!! Jesus Christ, Tom moaned, unbelievable that all that tit flesh could develop in a short nineteen years! With her nipples very erect, Monica picked up one of the bras o?n Tom's desk and tried it on. At precisely two fifteen, there was a knock on the door and Miss Simmons the senior English teacher entered the class room.


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