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#311270 - s make me horny i know 100 sites like rule 34 e621 xbooru furrybooru and more butt there is one site i really love u18chan its the best website ever or right look wen i first found all thos sites i read the comic. s did i read all ready some wer new so i thougt by myself i going to buy a memory card putt al the furry sex pic or comic on that card plus a back up on a online photoalbum why den i dont have to search no more for a comic just pick one im still collecting comic butt now you think dude what if some one discovered the card i have the card i the back of my Phone under the battery wer no body would look its very simple look my Phone is allways whit me so no body can touch him and my mom and dad dont no shit abouth computers so im good besides that made my computer private so i dont remember any thing what i did on the internet or right this is kinda my story my name is doglove and im a gay watersports furry yiff lover no body know my secrets and day never will if day discovered

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Karen shinomiya
Her dress is so beauty match perfect with the girl
Ami kawashima
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