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#388426 - Feeling the hand move to her thighs Sally opened them without thinking and felt the fingers explore her hot swollen pussy again, this time the touch brought pleasure instead of pain and Sally moaned, opening her legs wider. Feeling a little giddy she looked at the other women and noticed they were all looking a little ‘spaced out’ as Mike would call it. Suddenly Sally’s stomach was in knots as she realised what was expected of her, Mike’s boss had crossed to her and putting his arm round her waist guided her to the sofa and lightly pressured her to sit, as she sat Sally tried to hold the dress so it didn’t slip and reveal her long smooth waxed legs but the sheer material wouldn’t stay where she put it when she let go, finally feeling humiliated she let it drop between her thighs, at least its covering the front of these damn panties she thought! Each woman took a seat with exactly the same results, though Sally noticed the young girls dress showed even more than the one she

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