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#265062 - So she pops up about 10 o'clock one Wednesday night like usual and we get the general chit chat out of the way before she tells me she's bought some new outfits and toys to keep her amused, she goes on to describe the outfits and different toys in detail and tells me she's been gettin right off on dressing up and smashing herself in front of the porn on the computer, she says it feels like she's doin it in front of a crowd which is one of her biggest fantasies. can u fuck me now she begged to which I grabbed her and dragged her up to me rolling her on her back, heels and stockings still on but knickers and bra torn off her she looked like a filthy slut laying under me, I gentle positioned my cock at her wet cunt lips and eased it inside her, she moaned and groaned like a whore as I pushed into her over and over again You filthy slut I called her as I pinned her to the bed yes more baby more she whispered wrapping her legs around me and taking all I have

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