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#86286 - The girls seemed to have a bit of spare energy and soon Sue was fingering Gretchen ass, playing with her swollen rosebud, next thing Lyn moved in and the three formed a circle fingering and eating one another pussies and butt's, this seemed to excite the guys as a few cocks filled with blood. I have no idea, how many guys fucked who, the whole night was one blur of cocks and cum, by now the girls were well and truly stuffed full of sperm, all three had bright red rosebuds, and puffy pussy lips, I had fisted them all, and now a few guys had fisted them too, I was lucky to grab a few loads of cum too, and like Rick had eaten heaps of cum from the girls holes. No one seemed to be rushing of, being a Friday of course most probably didn't have to work the next day, we all lay around talking, now and then one of the guys would slip his cock into a hole and keep it warm, but none with too much energy left to fuck now.

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Tai kamiya | taichi yagami
Shes such a hoe its inspiring
So fucking hot
Thank you