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#121465 - Jan was orgasming every few minutes, I wanted to give my wife some familiar meat later in the evening but was pushed out of the way by Carol who was still supporting the black strap on Jan was taken doggy style as we all watched on, Carol demanded that Jan lick each girls pussy one more time before it was my turn to suck cock whilst Carol rode my ass, by 4 am we were all thoroughly sucked & fucked, Jan & I crashed on top of the bed exhausted. , feeling a little hesitant Jan had agreed and followed Sally’s directions. Peter pulled out of Mary and slowly opened her ass before sliding his cock on in to the fullest of depth, by now I was so excited and was close to orgasm so I pushed Sue away, stood up and whispered into Peters ear to sit down so that I could take Mary from the front, we quickly repositioned ourselves and as my cock pushed up into her warm pussy Mary let out a moan, Peter and I got into a steady pace when I looked over at Jan to discover that John had followed Peters lea

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