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#257008 - At first I had thought about just getting some head, but now that she was like this, I wondered if I could do something else with her, more my way. I tried to yell at him to stop, and I tried to scream, but I couldn't get the gag out of my mouth. ***** A few days later, just as I was getting the itch to call up my fuck buddy, and help her get high, my roommate came in, and said to me Dude, you weren't fuckin' kidding about that! I asked her to try it out, and after I explained it enough to her, about what you said it's like, she said she'd try it! Turns out it worked, buddy, it fuckin' worked! Yeah? What happened? I asked, eager to hear this story.

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Nagi hisakawa
What is her name
Nagisa shiota
So sexy
The chemistry on these two is just too much hottest duo on here