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#267532 - Finally the day arrived and you took your suit case to the airport, this was it you were going to come see me for real, not just on a web cam or in an instant message picture, but in the flesh and we had a week to stay and do all the things you had wanted to for so long. I moan and call your name while screaming as you thrust hard into me, your cock throbbing still inside me as you lean down and kiss my lips hard, my tongue in your mouth wrestling with yours as my arms wrap around your neck and hold me against you, you feel my breasts pushed up against your chest and use your hands to play with them, squeezing and playing with the hard nipples making me groan into your mouth and gasp as your cock slows down its hard thrusts and just sits in my warm hole pulsing You rotate your hips a little as you do to get your cock to move inside me, the kiss stops and I look up at you begging with my eyes for you to fuck me hard but you just smile and kiss me again, you feel my legs move down

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