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#337134 - fetcher with a knife on my thigh when he seen I was awake he said if I scream he’d kill me he started talking about the days event’s and what he had seen Kim and me doing he said he didn’t know I went both ways I said I don’t and asked him what the fuck he was doing in my house and what he wanted with a smile he said “YOU” my eyes widen he pulled my covers off of me and to reveal my naked body he smiled “so you got undressed just for me” say anything I was still in shock that he was here in my house while I was in a daze he grabbed my tits he pinched my nipples I begged him to stop he just said all the times I flirted with him in class that I was begging him to do this I told him I just wanted good grades he bent down and started licking my nipples and biting them I asked him to stop I begged and pleaded for him to stop he ignored my pleads and continued what he was doing then he stopped a stood up and dropped his pants and reveled his pulsing member it looked to be about 9” he said fo

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