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#395264 - I took hold of his cock and rubbed it up and down my ass crack pushing just the head inside my hole before pulling it out again, he spat on my arse and rubbed it in with his finger, then without warning I pushed myself backwards skewering myself on his throbbing member, he began to fuck me slowly at first then faster and rougher as I knelt there moaning and shouting, he pulled me towards him using my jock strap which I was still wearing and I was surprised it stayed in one piece. His moaning grew louder and I knew he was close to coming, he pulled right out of me and then thrust in quickly filling my hole with that enormous rod before shooting over and over into my arse still fucking me furiously. As I went to remove the final barrier that stood between me and my prize I gasped, I saw a zip that went right down the side of the boxers which I hadn’t seen before “Wow” I thought “this guy was prepared”.

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Nue houjuu
If kirsten only had tits she might have been one of the best ever
Gosh that was the worst thing i ve ever seen
Dorothy catalonia
I like this creamy close up as well