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#201723 - Tony laughed, said, “Well if you want to know I can show you. Each time it hurt, and I just waited for the pain to stop, or for him to stop, and the desire to like it too, and many times, I realized I liked men, and what I felt, could end with pleasure too, like when with his kissing, and licking out my little ass, it felt good, I learned to like what would happen next; the invasion of my butthole; his manly body and that big dick, eventually got to feeling good. He feared he would get punished if his mom learned that Tony pulled down his pants under the blankets, and Tony put his dick into his butt; that he liked it at first, but then it hurt a lot when Tony shoved his big dick into his butt hard, that he cried out loud.

Read Denmark Nee, Watashi ga Irujanai! - Kantai collection Mum Nee, Watashi ga Irujanai!

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