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#121851 - When we sat talking, I asked if next time Francis would like a 1 on 1 with me,, or a mmf with hubby, he said any sex with you both is good, and will leave it up to us when he's in town again,,,. I told him we would soon have company and that some of the guys from last night would be back for more too, he grinned and said yes he had spoken to some during the day and all wanted more, It wasnt long before the first guys entered, eager to join in, they started to play with me, cocks now appearing all around, I reckoginsed one, hubbies, as it went right in my mouth, Francis still pounding my pussy doggy stlye, hubby whispered no wonder you wanted more of this cock, I moved the guys over to the bed, laying on Dave's cock, I told Francis to open my arse for the night, his cock lubed up slide right in, Dave and Francise fucked me hard as a few guys filled my mouth with cum, The guys we know, also know hubby is fully bi, so a few swung thier cocks into his mouth too,

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Karin asaka
Been there done that
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No ones every hitting a wall again
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