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#8485 - kyle has seen the way i look at you and figured out we are doing stuff he didnt like know i was touching you. he was tight he was a virgin when it came to his butt finally i got all 9 inches into him i was frusting him like he was the last fucked id ever have we was moaning sweating and most of the time harvey had ahold of my butt about an hour later i said to him im gonna come he was saying come in my virgin butt you know u want it this was turning me on even more i must haved cummed aleast 5 time i was so tired i started to get up but harvey said dont leave me i told him i was tired and we should get into my bed but harvey said why cant we sleep in here so i agreed and rested my head on harveys body when i woke up harvey had him arms around me like he wanted to protect me i woke harvey up and asked him about the fight earlier with kyle he said it was nothing but i told him kyle told me it was over me. true to what he said a few seconds later he cummed but i didnt stop i wa

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