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#240378 - Don't know She was almost on the verge of tears again, through everything she had forgotten to check if he even had a pulse, the most obvious thing to do and she had completely forgot about it, she was just so happy yet in complete shock about finding Jonah that the thought never occured to her, was he alive Aditi:- Quick, move aside, i'll check He didn't wait for Celeste to protest, he softly pulled her away from Jonah and knelt down over him, he grabbed his right arm and softly layed two fingers across his wrist, he felt what he only hoped was a very weak pulse, deciding it might not be enough he layed one hand over his heart and felt for a heartbeat, all the camp just stared on as Aditi checked for a pulse or any sign of life, it seemed like a lifetime passed before Aditi stood up and moved to face everyone Aditi:- Get a doctor NOW! A few campers scrambled off running towards the infirmary, a few minutes later they had returned with the camp doctor

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