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#84995 - No bras, No panties, nothing of the sort covered them except their leafy body coverings that barely even covered their loins and their breast and nipples right out in the open for all to see. As behind the dancing and chanting women was led a huge dog of the tribe. As she fucked her hard and fast until she tired and then slowly withdrew the cock watching carefully how her tight little pussy quiveringly grasp at it as she pulled it out and left it just slightly gaped open momentarilly only to close tightly the wetness was covering all over her inner thighs her whole pussy mound her clit still throbbingly swollen out soaking wet as they untied her and drug her back to the hut where her mom and sister both were on their leaf made hammocks writhing and grunting momentarilly in their complete total sleep and yet the evil ritual woman awoke the mom forcing her to awaken from her sleep as she forced her to now see her youngest being drug in and stood before her as the evil ritual woman said

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