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#58383 - ” “OK, OK, whatever!” Rob agreed, “I just want to come!” Outside, Dianna murmured, “Our daughter can be such a little bitch! I think she needs and deserves a good lesson about not using sex to tease and extort!” “I agree,” I said and we both headed inside where we put a prompt halt to the proceedings. Dianna and I had to climb on the bed to hold Cindy down in place as Mindy tongue fucked her asshole and tickled the soles of her feet unmercifully. Rob protested loudly again and Cindy responded, “I told you before that if you want what you want, you have to give us what we want…chores for a week!” “OK, OK, I’ll do your chores! Just let Mindy finish me off now!” “Tell ya what, little brother,” Cindy said, now firmly in control, “do our chores for TWO weeks and I’ll let you come right in Mindy’s mouth, right on her little pink tongue.

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