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#249622 - The dinner conversation ranged from how Bobbi was doing in school, to how both of them were doing since the loss of Fred, Bobbi's father and Tara's husband of eighteen years. Sure, mom, Bobbi replied, it shouldn't take me more than ten minutes or so! It had been so long since the two of them had done anything together, thought Tara, so two days in the mountains would be good for both of them!!! Bobbi did more than an adequate job of scrounging dry wood, and in a few minutes, Tara had a roaring fire going with a pot of beef stew hanging from a tripod in the middle of the flames. It had been almost a year since his passing, and while Bobbi seemed to be getting along just fine, her mother on the other hand, still hurt deeply from her loss.

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Hieda no akyuu
Shes sexy
Hanamaru kunikida
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