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#374630 - The usual pleasantries were exchanged as if we were meeting for a business lunch and this helped me relax as we all started chatting and the drinks flowed I couldn’t help but realise that we had one more than we had we had anticipated and I liked them both what seemed like minutes was actually a couple of hours and needing to freshen up I excused myself and headed for the rest room leaving Steven to let one of them down gently and as we had arranged to meet Steven first and the fact that in his pictures that he had emailed us I knew he had a great body and a big thick cock. They both removed their shirts as I helped as much as I could with my hands shaking, and as I felt my thong being slipped of I opened my legs and Alex kissed down my flat tanned tummy and clasped his hot mouth over my swollen wet pussy I wanted Stevens big cock in my mouth and so tugged him towards me I could barely get it in my mouth but just the fact that I was being licked and sucked made me suck him eagerly and

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Mai kawakami
Shes hot
Hes so good at fucking bitches and its so hot but he has my fucking brothers name i want to die