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#161946 - “ELLIE – YOUR MUMS NOT THERE – I WANT YOU TO TAKE YOUR KNICKERS OFF AND GET UP HERE – NOW!” “FUCK OFF!” “DO YOU WANT YOUR FRIENDS BACK – OR DON’T YOU?” She considered this for only a split second, before flipping her skirt up at the sides, hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her Black knickers and peeling them down her thighs and off, whilst I watched (amazed at the brazenness of her compliance) my object of hundreds of wanked-orgasms calmly tuck her miniscule thong into her school bag! She calmly sauntered over towards my door and disappeared from view. “I … just … can’t … cope … anymore” And with that she leapt to her feet, knocking the tea all over the floor.

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Tiffa adill
Im in love with daya knight
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Beautiful tits i love it