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#69194 - Okay, hon said Jane, lift your but?t! Connie lifted her ass off the chair and Jane reached under her dress and tugged off her panty hose and panties in one quick motion while she looked over at Millie, who also was having her under things removed by Erica! Both women then hiked their skirts up around their waists exposing their vaginas to watchful eyes of the two barbers, Jane and Erica. Riding up the elevator alone, Connie lifted her skirt and showed Millie just how puffy and full her lips had become! Not to be out done, Millie did like wise, exposing her own mound, and even dropping her hand to her crotch and giving her pussy a quick fingering!!! Look at my pussy, Con, moaned Millie, I can't help it, I'm gonna cum again!!! Seconds later, her friend, now leaning up against the elevator wall for support, shook all over while her body was being ravaged by another climax! Connie quickly hit the stop button on the elevator, and while still exposing herself to her friend

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