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#319781 - We pulled out onto the highway and she leaned over and said guess what, I said ok, I’ll bite, what? She smiled and said I’m not wearing a bra and she pulled up her little half top to reveal her naked tits, I smiled and said yummy, may I? She sheepishly smiled back and said what would my sister think, I laughed and said we are talking about Samantha aren’t we, she laughed and said well ok, I’ll allow it, so I caressed her left tit and she purred as I did. When she opened the door, they came running in, grabbing her and taking her inside also, she thought this was all part of there plan, so she acted like she was too shocked to respond. But I also installed a second bathroom at the top of the basement steps, they only had one and it was upstairs, typical old house.

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