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#52249 - We needed to check their bodily fuctions were ok, but first they had to be whipped into some form of order,all our clients relied on disipline, and if they faulty ,then more often than not,they were disposed of , but we did,nt like that method of disposal so some of us kept them for own use, it was a great pleasure having your own personnal cock slave ,after a hard days work. We enjoyed our proper jobs,always taking care of the finer details of our patients. Kath ,shouted to me,we had another urgent order, to fufill, but this time it was to be girls over the age of 25, apparently ,at that age it was thought they would be nice and mature, before becoming old maids, we turned the order down, even though it was worth an extra bonus of 200k.

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Shuuichi saihara
Very very cool
Tsubaki yayoi
This looks like trina the throat
Junichi tachibana
Name is natashaa_10