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#183339 - Once inside, she pulled off her clothes as fast as she could, leaving herself completely naked, and then began frantically masturbating while beginning the process of relaxing her bladder. Back at her work station, Claire found that regularly swapping the Slut Sticks between her cunt and her mouth left her tongue constantly tasting her own cunt juices. At the same time, she relaxed her bladder, and began to hesitantly urinate on Sluthole’s foot.

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Love the chastity device could you make him cum inside it
Eh i ve definitely seen and had better all i usually fuck is women around this age or older and they re a lot more lively than this she is trying too hard with the same old moans and no rhythm making him do all the work i fast forwarded it and she makes the same noises i d fuck but wouldn t enjoy it
Iku nagae
Love you babe