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#118093 - I was pleased he didn’t rush away; he continued our sexual liaison by finger fucking my boy cunt with his ejaculated sperm. As you entered the public toilet there was a mahogany booth on the right hand side with a small window which was the toilet attendant type of office. I pulled my trouser up and adjust myself the old man removed his Mac from my knees and left to go directly to the toilet, I followed five minute later, the toilet was located at rear of the cinema, once you opened the toilet door there were steps leading down to the toilet below, the lighting was dim but adequate enough to see, when I arrived at the lower toilet level the old man was patiently waiting for me, I hardly had time to step onto the floor when the man was undoing my trouser belt, which resulted in my trousers falling around down my ankles, the man told me to step out of them an d removed my shirt and school tie, at this point I was not worried about anyone catching me stripped down to my panties, I

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